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How Dare You / Just Panic - Split 7"

Image of How Dare You / Just Panic - Split 7"


Blue vinyl with green covers!

The 2nd in a series of 6 split 7"s we are releasing

How Dare You are one of my favourite new bands from the last 2 years....

"Now, the Orlando, FL band doesn't do anything you haven't heard before, but they do it with so much conviction and heart that you can't help but want to pump your fist, bob your head, or just crank up your car stereo really really loud. The songs are melodic, the vocals are raw and biting, and the choruses are of the huge sing-a-long variety."

Just Panic are one of the best live UK bands - lots of energy and intensity. They follow up their excellent "Stand Up Straight..." EP with 2 more impressive songs. A sound which comes across as a combination of a variety of late 90's bands - put Against Me and The Bouncing Souls in a blender, add a British sound and I guess this is what you get

Side A:
How Dare You
1. Beacon St.
2. Cases and Carriers

Side B:
Just Panic
1. New Year
2. Too Late to Let Go

A yellow version of this cover is also available to those who subscribe to the series

If you live outside the UK please order this from our big cartel shop -